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The Fabulous Lawrence House!

Life on Green Street... ;)

Lawrence House
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Hello! This is a spiffy community journal for past and present residents of Smith College's Lawrence House.

Although, dude, anyone can join for all I care. I don't know why a random stranger would, but you're more than welcome to.

Hmm. Dorky, yet strangely addictive. Am I right? ;)

This community can be used to post info on house events, campus events, umm....personal events...any events. You can write about your dog. Your pet fish. I'm really not picky.

Please direct any questions you may have to the fabulous (ha!) maintainer, sarah_p.

Have fun!


***From the Smith website:***

Lawrence House, and its sister, Morris House, were built in 1891 in response to the rapidly growing enrollment at Smith at the end of the 19th century. The two houses have the distinction of being the first on campus to be named for alumnae. Lawrence House is named for Elizabeth Crocker Lawrence, who graduated from Smith in 1883, received her master's degree from Smith in 1889, and later served as a college trustee and president of the Alumnae Association. Each year, on November 11, residents of Lawrence House still celebrate "Tippy" Lawrence's birthday.

The history of Lawrence House is also unique in that it was chosen in 1912 for an experiment in cooperative self-help, in which residents of the house performed all the household chores, with the exception of the cooking. This experiment, which was a great success, received widespread attention from the press, which was intrigued with the idea of students generally perceived as being daughters of the rich, doing household chores.

Today, Lawrence House continues to operate on the spirit of cooperation with all 67 residents performing small tasks to keep things running smoothly. Lawrence House residents gather for socializing in the living room, or the TV room, complete with a new TV and VCR. Because Lawrence residents eat their meals in Tyler House, the dining room has been turned into a rec room with a pool table. Additionally, there is a first-floor laundry room, with coin-operated washers and dryers. Lawrence has 33 single rooms, 17 double rooms, bathrooms and a frill kitchen for the residents to use. The upstairs hallways have just been recarpeted. Every room is wired for CyberSmith. Lawrence House remains open during Thanksgiving and Spring Break.

Lawrence House, on Green Street, is conveniently located near the gymnasium, athletic fields, and scenic Paradise Pond. In addition, the central campus area, where the classrooms, administrative buildings and libraries are located, is nearby. Downtown Northampton is just a short walk down Green Street, which is lined with a number of specialty shops.


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